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Changing My Story Posted on 2017-09-11 by Taylor Smith

It is currently 9/11/2017.

Over the last few months that I've been in Film Connection, I've kept a journal by Sebastians request. I've logged here all of the significant logs, and the struggle I dealt with with all of the writing. My grandmother passed away on July 12th after a very long battle with cancer. Watching my grandmother leave this world was too much for me to juggle keeping up with Film Connection or even my job with. I moved out of home on August 3rd, and since then I've been working to get back on my feet. 

I decided to stop bitching about my terrible story. My mentor intended for me to fully create my film, but after two filming dates I figured out extremely quickly that it was not going to happen. After my grandmother passed, I had missed 2 filming dates, and my actors just ignored me until I went away.

So I proposed that I be allowed to change my story to the one I wanted to create. I already had a first act written, actors lined up, and was ready to film the single scene as required by the program. As usual, Sebastian was completely understanding and allowed me to continue with this. I am now all but done with film connection, and am already staring down the barrel of a job opportunity. 

I could not be happier with my decision to leave college and start on film connection. I was so unhappy with one film class a week and thousands of dollars lost in gen eds. Not to mention just being generally unhappy with my life while there. I remember whenever I researched film connection one night in my dorm room, and how excited I was. It's been great and my little brother who wants to study music, might just be coming up behind me.

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