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Major: Video Production

I am from the Philadelphia area & I am currently 23 years old. I recently earned my associates degree in Communications of Arts from Delaware County Community College. I love sports, specifically ice hockey, I also love music, cars, spenting time with friends and family, & producing short films. I have been producing videos since I was as young as 13. It all began as a hobby, as I started making many short films with friends and family. This lasted through high school & up into college which was right around the time when I truly started to have a passion for film making. In my early years of college I began to developed a small video production business. As the years of college passed I continued to promote my business and it lead me to many great opportunities. In my college years, I started working with small scale dolly tracks, camera cranes, green screen, pro lighting, and more! To today, I have produced videos for over 25 local businesses & organizations, in addition to 5 weddings and multiple new projects which are currently in the works. I also won my first ever award for producing videos for multiple historical societies which was presented to me by the Delaware County Council & the Heritage Commission of Delaware County.

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