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Week 24 Blog @ Backseat Conceptions Posted on 2015-04-08 by Joseph Paciotti


          Tues  1:30 PM - 9:30 PM = 8 hrs

          Wed  5:30 PM -11:00 PM = 5.5 hrs

           Sat  3:00 PM - 10:00 PM = 7 hrs (Jesus Reenactment Shoot in NJ)

                                        Total: 20.5 Hrs 

This week we continued to work on the BC apprentice house and made final adjustments to each room. We ended out the week with a shoot in Riverside, NJ where I was hired to film the full Reenactment of Jesus being nailed to the cross. Doug Sakmann provided all of the special effects work while I was behind the camera capturing it all! The shoot went smoothly and we are now in the post production editing process which I am also taking full control of. I hope to have a first draft of the video done by early next week. 

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