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Week 27-30 Blog @ Backseat Conceptions Posted on 2015-05-13 by Joseph Paciotti

Hours: Week 27: 0 Hrs (Vacation)

                Week 28-30: 108 Hrs

                           Total: 108 Hrs

This has been a very productive 4 weeks that seemed to go by very quickly.

Week 27, I was away with my family on vacation, enjoying the Caribbean sea and getting a ton of photos and videos along the way. After our 1 week vacation, I had a shoot 1 day after being home. The shoot was on a Sunday at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. I was hired by Backseat's partnering company "Average Superstar Films" to be a DP on their Behind the Scenes Interviews and highlights of there award show called "A Night of Short Films". The night was great and I got to meet a lot of new people. You can check out my lastest News Blog on the event at the following link:

   Week 28, the following day after our Troc shoot, I hopped in my car and headed straight down to New York to meet with the Backseat Conceptions crew on another feature film, called "Saturday In the Park". The feature was directed by Larry Romano from Kings of Queens. I spent the last 2 weeks assisting production and helping out in any way possible. I recently returned and plan to spend the rest of this week catching up on film projects and getting a bunch of things done on my "To Do" List.

I'm looking forward to meeting back up with the BC team next week.

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