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Behind the Scenes Filmmaking Posted on 2015-11-11 by Zareefa Abdul-Adl

I am very excited with the two mentors’ assigned to me. Ron is my screenwriter mentor and Rocco is my film mentor, these two have kept me very busy and I have accomplished and learned allot in the past five weeks with them. In my first meeting with Rocco, four weeks ago he asked me what my interest in film were and what I wanted to learn. I told him that I wanted to learn everything involved in creating a film. Rocco developed a lesson plan for me that resembles an accelerated learning program and it is awesome. That first week he told me to write a script for a short film. I was assigned research and different resources I would need to help develop the script.  The second week we went over the script and discussed the research I was assigned for learning about filmmaking. He also pointed out adjustments I needed to make to my script and talked about putting a cast together for the movie. The third week he had me do a script break down for each scene and a shot sheet. The fourth week we were able to put a cast together. I was assigned to do a storyboard for the script and also schedule a table read for cast of the movie. Rocco helped me to lock down the locations for the film and map out all the pre production required for the film. The fifth week, Rocco and I met with the cast for a table read of the script and the actors were simply amazing. I was able to see my characters come to life right before my eyes. I have to say, it felt like watching  a baby being born so exciting. I experienced my first glimpse of directing when I directed the actors on how to connect with some of the emotions of the characters in the script. Rocco put a shooting crew together and we are scheduled to film on 11/20/2015. I feel very blessed to have this experience and feel like I have learned so much in such a small period time. I know that there is allot more ground to cover and I am anticipating the journey. 

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