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Hakym Reagan

Lesson OnePosted by Hakym Reagan on 2014-08-11

This lesson occured on Friday August 7th, 2014. I came in at 9.00 a.m and came out at 12.00 p.m.   My first lesson was quite entertaining and full of exciting informations... Read More >>

Dylan Smith

DAW+AUDIOPosted by Dylan Smith on 2013-10-19

There are different ways you can position a mic inorder to get audio into you DAW. Distant Miking- Placing the microphone away from a Distance Close Miking- Placing the microhphone closer to the sound source to possibly get a more clearer not so much ambient surround sound Accent Miking- Used for solo passages Ambient Miking- Placing the microphone further from the sound source that the room sound is more prominent... Read More >>

Dylan Smith

ConsolePosted by Dylan Smith on 2013-10-19

The Console(Controll Board) is one of the most intresting things ever. YES its dealing with signal flow but its also dealing with, Overdubbing,Panning,EQ, Effects, and the volume... Read More >>

Dylan Smith

Signal FlowPosted by Dylan Smith on 2013-10-19

Signal Flow is very diffcult to learn. When you record anything the microphone is transducing energy into another form of energy and sending that energy to the preamp, to the converter, through the controll board and more, Its alot to understand but awesome at the same time... Read More >>