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Hakym Reagan

Filmmaker from Africa

My name is Hakym Reagan. I am an african from Rwanda born in Burundi which is where I lived most of my childhood. I want to start this biography by writing about some obstacles I went through to get where I am today. As an african student, most parents hope the student to go and study something that will help financially the whole family, which is the only point they see fit to invest in education regardless of your passion and motivation, which is why I am thankful that my parents took this leap of faith and let me try the Film Connection. They are still sceptic about me making it to Hollywood but they at least want me to try and see how far I can reach with my talents. They first wanted me to pursue my education in medical sciences but I was able to convince them with the help of the talent I had in photography and videomaking.

Most of my high school years towards the end, I was so focused in anything related to movies and how to make them. In the early period of my high school and towards the end of my elementary school my passion and obsession was camera and its features. I would spend my nights and days trying to find the best way to take a picture and I would be amazed by how every picture portrayed different emotions. So whenever there would be a family reunion, birthdays or any type of events I would be so excited to take new pictures and create new emotions. Throughout my childhood I started developing another passion connected to photography which is moving images, and that is when I started focusing on more on movies during my high school years, around five years ago. I made my first video on march 2008.

Beginning College at Wheeling Jesuit University was a wonderful experience for me because I learned that the soul of a movie resides in its story. So I took Professional Communications Major to try and perfect my communication skills to provide myself with enough knowledge to learn the best ways to communicate the stories and message I wanted to communicate to an audience through movies and television shows. After my freshman year, as I was doing my daily research on movies and movie schools, I came across this article mentioning Radio Recording Film Connection as a best way to get you started in the movie industry. And I hope that this school will provide me with the essential tools and training I was missing to reach the proper individuals who I am certain would appreciate everything I have to offer.

I cannot picture myself doing anything else but movies. Creating, editing and directing movies and television shows and transmitting a message through a television screen is how i can identify myself with the world.

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Hakym Reagan

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