Grant GilbertRaleigh Film Connection

Major: Film

My name is Grant Gilbert, I'm from a small town and have big dreams. I grew up in a small town in North Carolina, called Clayton, just ouside of Raleigh. Filmmaking is something I love to do. I have always enjoyed entertaining people and writing stories. After a trip to California in 2003, I was inspired to become a fillmmaker. Growing up in a small town inspried me to create a multi-season, coming of age drama called "Smalltown Blues". I don't just want to make films, I want my film to inspire people like the films and TV shows, I grew up watching. 

I like filmmaking because there are so many ways to express yourself. Filmmaking has so many possibilities with genres like horror, romance, drama, action and many others. There are so many different storytellers in the industry. Filmmakers like Steven Speilberg, Michael Bay, Christopher Nolan, John Hughes and so many others are the ones who inspired me to become a filmmaker. I like film because you can tell so many different stories. With so many different genres, your possibilities are endless. 

My hobbies outside of film include music, volunteer work, and writing. I grew up watching my dad play in a band. Music is my outlet and I enjoy playing drums and singing. Voluteering is also another hobby of mine. I like helping others and providing for those who are less fortunate. I do many charitable events for Harbor Inc., a local chartiy for abused women. I also have a passion for writing, it's my way of expressing my emotions. Creating stories and scripts is what I like to do in my free time. 

My work experience includes. "We're the Millers", "A Safe Haven", and vidoegrapher for the Cntral Park Band. On the set of "We're the Millers", I worked as a production assistant for locations. "A Safe Haven", was a short film to help Harbor Inc. raise money for their abused women shelter. I worked as an assistant editor and lead videographer for the owner. For the Central Park Band, I act as their Video Production Manager. I film the band at local venues and edit the footage for their website and youtube page. 

Filmmaking is my life. If you don't love what you do, why do it.