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Keith Huff

For Sale By Owner update 3Posted by Keith Huff on 2015-09-10

This week I have started to hire composers for my short film, For Sale By Owner. The editing is nearly finnished, however working 2 jobs and going to 2 different schools at the same time have slowed me down a bit... Read More >>

Keith Huff

Art to ArtPosted by Keith Huff on 2015-09-10

This weekend I hired a professinal artist to draw up concept art for my screenplay, 2 Steps From Hell. The purpose for this is to help me in selling my screenplay when I come out to L... Read More >>

Keith Huff

For Sale By Owner!Posted by Keith Huff on 2015-08-25

My first film is going great! This weekend I will score the film with a good friend who has a music back ground. Together we will craft a score that I hope will elivate the films over all tone... Read More >>