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Cameron first began pursuing a passion for film, when his father gave him a lego movie making kit, inspired by Steven Spielberg, complete with a camera. Cameron would make dozens of short, stop-motion movies before he started working in theatre, both as an actor and back stage. He recieved a scholarship to Northwestern State University, whose theatre department would become home to him for the next two years, where he worked as a master carpenter on "Chicago" and "The Threepenny Opera," as well as performed various other backstage roles and acted in various productions. He eventually graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies with directing, stage combat, lighting design, and carpentry experience under his belt. Out of college he became involved with the local River City Repertory Theatre, running lights for "Venus in Fur." But, the desire and calling to make film and tell stories never really left Cameron. So, after resigning from the Louisiana Healthcare Education Coaltion, where Cameron helped educate people and small businesses on healthcare reform, he devoted himself to pursuing his dream, leading him straight to the Film Connection.


Cameron grew up with a passion for science and science fiction, which influenced many of the stories he's written. Some of the most influencial productions for Cameron included "Firefly," "Unbreakable," "Bladerunner," Battle Star Galactica," and "Kill Bill." He also holds a black belt in Taekwondo, with over 13 years of Martial Arts Experience.   

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Cameron Martin

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Last night, I finally saw the second "Hobbit" movie. Seeing as how this blog needs another entry, I thought I'd make today's subject about the action sequences in "The Hobbit" and other films, including "300," the other "Matrix" movies, "Akria," and the first "Captain America" movie... Read More >>