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Chapter:2 Blog Posted on 2016-01-06 by Gibran Trujillo-Pelcastre

In Chapter:2 I watched a lot of movies, not counting the twelve we had to watch and write about. I also got to experience and participate in the progress of doing a casting. it was very interesting seeing the steps that had to be taken for a casting. I did not expect it to be as fun as it actually was. The company that my mentor owns, got hired to do a shooting for a company named OPMA. In this shooting I got to experience what it takes to carry out a task, that when compared to a movie doesnt seem like a big deal, but when compared to what other video production companies do, it was a very big deal. During this shooting I learned things such as, how to work a boom stick, how to bounce lights, what were the name of some of the camera shots we used, I even learned a little about makeup. Over all I learned a lot from the movies i watche, but I also learned a lot more from the hands on experience that was provited by my mentor. 

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