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Week Four, Kind of. Posted on 2018-06-25 by Cole Silver

Date: 6/25/18

Time In: 1:01 pm

Time Out: 1:28 pm

Lessons #6-8

This journal entry has been a long time coming. 

When I began this program, it was made apparent to me that the textbook assignments were to be completed on a weekly basis, after which I would meet with my mentor and we would go over and discuss the chapter in-depth, so I could get a better understanding of the film industry on a chapter-by-chapter basis through an individual who worked directly in the industry.

During my experience working with Sharon Tomlinson as my mentor, she never once went over the textbook assignments with me. She simply requested I e-mailed them to her once I'd completed them. Once again, I thought I was supposed to do a textbook assignment before meetings with my mentor, and thus, I only completed assignments when meetings occured. As you can see, they rarely did. Sharon almost never initiated meetings with me, as has been thoroughly discussed with my student advisor Elliot Campos. My relationship with Sharon largely consisted of me constantly chasing her down via phone calls and text messages, as well as numerous scheduling conflicts. Durting the Nine months Sharon was my mentor, I only was unavailable on two occasions for meetings, the rest of the conflicts were entirely on her end, with almost no effort made on her part to find a near-future date to reschedule. 

Though she is a very nice person, and provided me several great opportunities, I found myself feeling as if I really wasn't learning much from her at all, and the lack of meeting on a regular basis, as well as her incredibly disorganized approach to mentoring, led to me switching mentors three weeks ago. 

I am now working with Steve Carmichael, who I've gone over chapters 6 through 8 with. He has already taught me a variety of interesting and helpful things about a career in film, and I will continue to pour through his invaluable mind for further information that can help me in my potential future career. We are meeting weekly, and have met three times now. With chapter 6 we went over how to work with individuals cordially on set, and he told me a variety of horror stories of how working relationships on set can go horribly awry, including a very interesting story on the set of the original Pete's Dragon. With lesson 7, we went over genre-blending, which is something I'm already familiar with but absolutely loved exploring, and we delved into the brilliant film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. I enjoyed the part of the Quiz for that chapter where I had to come up with a genre-blended film concept of my own. I already had one sitting around, so it was fun coming up with a way to summarize it into a synopsis. Chapter 8 dealt with the different roles in a production, including spending a great deal of time exmaining editing. I learned something I didn't know about Executive producers, which was that I always assumed they were simply investors, but apparently the Producer goes to get an Executive Producer, and the EP will then go secure the financing, bring the money to the producer, and then the producer makes the film. I also liked learning about a breakdown on stages of a production.

Due to my tumultuous relationship with Sharon, I didn't end up journaling at any point from last october until now. This is of course, irresponsible on my part, despite the fact that she rarely met with me. And thus, there were no journals to accompany my learning of lessons 4 and 5. That stops now. I am meeting with Steve on a regular basis, and will be journaling once a week as proposed, if not more. Hopefully my mentorship with Steve will yield positive results, and the remainder of this program will be helpful in expanding my knowledge of film in preparation for my future endeavors. 

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