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Week 5, Kind of. Posted on 2018-08-21 by Cole Silver

Date: 8/20/18

Time In: 8:21 pm

Time Out: 8:30 pm

Lessons #9-11

So over the past almost two months I have been meeting consistently with my new mentor Steve Carmichael. We have gone over chapters 9 through 11 in this time, as chapter 9 took quite awhile considering its length. I was intending on writing a blog post after we completed a chapter each week, but Steve kept telling me we'd finish the camera chapter after we worked more physically with cameras, and thus I kept putting this blog entry off. We still have yet to complete our work with physical cameras, and so I felt it was high time I do the quiz and this blog anyway. We've gone over Line Producing and the importance of staying on budget, as well as the importance of second acts in film. I look forward to continue meeting with him. 

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