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Week 6, kind of. Posted on 2018-09-10 by Cole Silver

Date: 9/10/18

Time In: 5:38 pm

Time Out: 5:57 pm

Lesson #12

Over the past three weeks I've met with my mentor Steve several times. The first day we spent finally doing camerawork, he taught me about f-stops, white balance, and we discussed lenses and focal length in-depth. I felt it was the most I've learned from him during our mentorship, and cameras are WITHOUT A SINGLE DOUBT, his specialty. The second meeting I had with him, I brought my own camera, and he examined it thoroughly, eventually determining that the lens was unfortunately broken, though this didn't come as a surprise to me. I will have to replace it in the future. On that day we also discussed his opinion on what's important in storytelling, which is a topic that I was very curious to hear his thoughts about. Our last meeting occured this past week where we went over chapter 12, discussing first drafts, where we both talked about the creative process and drafting. In addition, we conversed about the filmography of Christopher Nolan, who we both believe is one of the greatest director's alive. I borrowed a copy of Lawrence of Arabia from him, and I am going to watch it as homework before we meet again, sometime after the 19th. 


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