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Sunday meeting Posted on 2015-06-16 by Matthew Gibson


Zac was gone all last week so when he got back we met for a bit at his home office. I got there about 11am and Zac told me he had another music video booked for next Saturday. Another long shoot.  I was still kinda tired from the last one (but it was fun). It’s for an Artist by the name of Mike Smith his song is called “Hard Working Man”  (not the Brooks & Dunn song).  Zac had sold him on showing actual workers in the video so we brainstormed some vocations we could get B-roll for:



Business Woman




Just too name a few.  He said we would be going back to Adams, TN after shooting some downtown Nashville. It would be all over the place.  He hired a different drone guy and an actual Steadi-cam operator.  Micah, the frozen guy from the “Blue Freeze” video will be the DP and we’re going to be using his RED camera.  Cool.  I’m a crew member/assistant Director/ Gofer / Photographer as last time.

I asked Zac about the footage we shot for the FIRE music video… he said he had it on a hard drive that Mike had left him but it was formatted for a Mac so he couldn’t watch it until Mike came back (he was filming in Australia).  I went home and got my Mac and came back and watched some while I downloaded it onto my hard drive and External hard drive.  So we have it saved in at least three different locations.  The footage itself looked pretty neat especially the performance in the rain and by the fire.  There were only a couple usable Drone shots. Zac said they went out later this week to shot more and got the drone stuck in a tree, hence why the next shoot has a different drone guy. Since I have the footage on my Mac now Zac said I could cut it together and make my own version.  The editor Ben is on vacation (summer! Go figure!) but when he gets back he and Zac are going to work on the actual edit. I will get to help with that as well.  The key, Zac said, is to get the performance pieces in first and then add B-roll and quick shots around the performance. I’ll work on it.

So I have an actual music video to edit!  I also gave him the photos I’d shot that day. He’s going to upload them to Facebook and what not to generate interest in the artist. Zac said to rest up this week because it’ll be another long shoot this weekend.  I’m also still working on my screenplay, about halfway through with that. I’ll update more on that later.

Gibson out.

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