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First FaceToFace Interview Posted on 2018-01-08 by Robert Turner

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Session #8

11:30am – 3:30pm


            Today we interviewed a Tex Pasley from FaceToFace, an organization committed to reinstituting person-to-person visitations in county jails. The day started with the equipment setup in the studio lobby. First we positioned the chairs in correlation with the background walls so that the angle looked presentable. Then we set up the actual camera in accordance with the angle we chose (also dealing with some technical aspects like color temperature and exposure). Next came the lighting system, which we used a one-point system with one main LED light overhead (and also a small, extra eye-point light for specular highlighting). Lastly for the equipment was the sound system, which we used a dual-system (camera audio and shotgun mic audio). The shotgun mic was used to capture the good audio quality as the camera’s audio was of a lower quality. A tip Buck taught me about the shotgun mic was positioning it above and sloping down towards the speaker (Tex in this case) because of the way in which the mic captures the sound from said speaker.

            After the interview, Buck taught me the steps involved with offloading the audio and video files. Since we used the dual sound system, the video and audio files were on different SD cards, which meant they needed to be synchronized in Adobe Premiere. There were several clips that needed to be synchronized due to Buck stopping and restarting the camera’s recording. This process essentially helps during the editing phase as each clip can be paired with the corresponding interview question. A good tip from this part of the session Buck handed down to me was showing me that you need to offload your audio/video files to two backup devices, because you never know what can go wrong/get lost. If you have your two backup devices, you can potentially save yourself a lot of trouble from future technical problems.

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