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Brigsby Bear Scene Posted on 2018-03-27 by Robert Turner

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Session #11


10:00a.m. – 6:30p.m.


            Today we did a recreation of a scene from the film Brigsby Bear. First off was getting our shot list and storyboarding done. We took a look at the script of one scene from the movie and then decided from that script how our shots should be by storyboarding them. The storyboarding process itself took a couple hours as it is quite an intricate process, albeit absolutely necessary and I would even say enthralling. Through this process we decided how to block the scene based on our location (which was a recording room at the studio), where the camera would go for each setup, what was in the background, lighting, etc. After the storyboarding was complete, we made a shot order list based on said storyboards. This shotlist is a great organizational tool when it comes to the actual filming as it keeps you on track for each new setup you have to do to get each new shot.

            When it came time to shoot, I was cast as the character James, Knox as the Detective, and Paige acting as director. It was interesting to see how many setups there are needed just to get one scene down such as the one we shot. There were close ups/medium shots over my shoulder, same over Knox’s shoulder, the master shot, and the list goes on and on until each shot was acquired.

            Lastly we took our footage and offloaded it into Adobe Premiere and strung together our rendition of the Brigsby Bear scene. Though I don’t think it was quite as professional looking as the actual movie, I think we paid great homage to the film while learning an incredible amount about how to block/film a simple scene of dialogue between characters!

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