What do films like The Tree of Life, Battleship, Independence Day, No Country For Old Men, Dazed and Confused, True Grit (2010), and Armageddon all share in common? Each of these (along with many others) was filmed in whole or in part, on location in the great state of Texas.

Texas has a growing reputation as a film industry hotspot, with Austin in particular gaining traction as a favorite hub for indie filmmakers. However, local productions and major motion pictures are regularly filmed all across the state, thanks in part to the diversity of scenery available and in part to generous incentives offered to filmmakers by Texas’ film-friendly state government.

Here on this page, you’ll find profiles of a number of filmmaking professionals who have all received top-shelf training as students of the Film Connection Film Institute of Texas. Rather than studying in college classrooms, these talented individuals were personally mentored and trained in real production houses and on real film sets by some of the top filmmakers in the industry today--and each of them is uniquely qualified to meet your own film production needs. Please consult their individual websites for more information about the services they offer. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of attending the Film Connection yourself, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Texas Film Connection Students

Dan Patino

The art of writing Posted by Dan Patino on 2018-01-11

It seems that deadlines in this industry are becoming a catalyst for my creative energy. It's not to say I put things off but it certainly helps to have a responsibility hanging over your head... Read More >>

Dan Patino

Actor and Drama Queens Posted by Dan Patino on 2018-01-11

After being on set almost 4 months now I begin to realize how particular talent can be. I've worked with down to earth big-name rappers and bratty extras, all in all, is there a way to prepare for the worst? Where is the line between keeping order on the set and managing the environment and keeping the talent happy so they do their best work for you? Read More >>