Blake WarrenTexas Film Connection

Major: Screenwriting

Born and raised in Houston, Tx. My parents tell me I knew how to operate a VCR at age 2. Growing up, I shared the same dream as millions of other boys in America to become a garbage man, luckily I was only 4. Starting as a young child, I loved movies. Today, I do not declare myself as a movie buff. There are more movies I haven't seen than I have seen. However, it was the way I watched movies that attracted me to the movie-making process. I would choose a "film of the week" and watch it over and over with subtitles on. I would pay close attention to details. How the crew did this; how the crew did that. The technical aspects of movie making is what intrigued my mind and fed my soul. As I aged, I needed a way to further learn all I could about movie making. It wasn't until my senior year in high school did I take my first Video Technology class. Everything came naturally to me. Once, we had to pitch a product and film a commercial with a selected crew by the teacher. I served as Director and received remarks from my teacher that, "I would be great at this in the future". I still hold on to that piece of paper. As I went to community college, classes related to film and cinema were excruciatingly limited. Eventually causing me to lose that fire for film I had developed in my earlier years and looking to pursue a business degree. It took me a long time to accept that I wasn't cut out for college. That is hard to admit because by society's standards, you're doomed to low pay and less desireable living. At my lowest point, I remember going for a walk and talking to God asking Him why did He curse me with this silly dream of wanting to be a Film maker and not wanting to be something normal like a teacher or lawyer. A job to where I can be like everyone else and have a nice, comfortable life. I convinced myself I was doomed to chase this impossible dream of succeeding in a career where thousands before me have failed and have nothing to show for.  At this point in my life, I had known about Film Connection for a few years but was still in the crowd of believers who thought it was too good to be true. I reached a point where I decided enough was enough. I am going to apply to the Film Connection in order to have any chance of hope for a successful future. I applied and was accepted in April 2015. I entered into the General Film making program. Immediately, I was sent to interview with a local studio in Houston and was accepted for an apprenticeship. Everything was working and building itself so beautifully. Unfortunately, the producer who had interviewed and hired me, left the company two weeks later, thus terminating my apprenticeship in which I had accepted. The admissions reps at Film Connection worked hard to locate another production studio who would be able to work around my full-time day job but to no prevail. That hopeless feeling started to creep back into my life. However, during all of this I had already started working with a screenwriting mentor by the name of Ron Peterson from Pittsburg, PA. After a few months of trying to search for a new studio, I decided to take a risk and transfer fully to Film Connection's Screenwriting program, allowing all of my time and efforts to be applied to my screenplay. Ron Peterson applauded the decision because he had became so convinced that my idea for a screenplay had such tremendous potential that it was surely the right decision I had made. Maybe it's my destiny, who knows. All I can say is Screenwriting didn't choose me, but that I chose Screenwriting. Not to sound like every other aspiring screenwriter in America, but I strongly believe that my screenplay has the potential to become one of the most successful screenplays to come out of the Film Connection in it's 30 year history.