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Pass Me the Miralax Please, Creative Writing and Forming Characters is Hard Shit! Posted on 2018-10-08 by Karolina Pream

I just spent a couple hours writing a blog about what I learned and talking about my movie ideas. In doing so I came up with a commercial idea and a brainstorm script for Miralax and had sources linked to some of my ideas (credibility not vouched for by me). However, that has now been wiped out given this blog post failed to add post. I did not write this out on a word document before spilling my thoughts onto the blog post. Now my material is gone. Reminds me of times when I have just written a school paper and didn't hit save or the lights going out, my baby sister pulling the plug out of the computer. This is just cruel because I actually thought I had a good idea for a commercial and I had jotted down all my blocked feelings which is blocking me from being able to thought to pen (you get the idea). Its 2:15 and my material that I just spent the last two or three hours writing has been lost because of technology errors.

What I learned: Draft up on a paper and save or copy it onto a document I can save to avoid application errors. It's 2:23AM, disappointed in my efforts, I will have to blog again about what I learned from my assignment and observations.

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