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Pre-Production Phase: Developing my Movie Idea Posted on 2018-10-09 by Karolina Pream

Writing is hard stuff but, given some time to get away from it or just jot down what you are thinking without being grammatically correct really helps form ideas for me. I spent a couple hours blogging about my experience and The Writer's Journey and today I feel so much more relieved from what I many call writer's block. My story has changed a lot initially but, I'm learning that it's ok and that you don't have to be perfect when it comes to brainstorming. The most important part of my Journey with RRFC, to make my time worthwhile and my money worthwhile is.....try and have fun while learning skills in this new field. The two movies that really helped me out of the six that were assigned to me by my advisor I found most helpful was About A Boy and Up In the Air. I tried to apply what I've been reading in The Writer's Journey and what my academic advisor and I discussed regarding on flushing out my movie idea. I used the theme of shaping my protagonist with some of the concepts of building a hero, hero is usually starts out with a mundane routine, has some change or conflict that disrupts the events of the hero's routine, hero faces an event where he's going through some form of destruction (everything around him seems to be falling apart...., divorce, loss of job, loss of money....), hero faces new challenges and is put through the test to prove himself. Since my genre is romance, he will be meeting his leading lady at an unfortunate time where she is going to support him in building up this business. He will use it to continue his love for music. I also tried to focus on a single protagonist so that I can understand the process of creating protagonist and antagonist and have a better time handling trying to craft my story.

I also spent last Wednesday with an opportunity of observing a music video for a short time. I was able to see the relationship between the cinematographer and the artist. Since I'm still in the phase of developing my storyline, brainstorming my ideas on building characters for my story, and looking forward to working with my screenwriting mentors. I've spent most of my time at the Studio catching up with assignments and observing the production phase, which I have observe Ricky meeting and scheduling artists and sitting in to observe the actual filming of the movie or video.

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