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Playing catch up Posted on 2015-07-08 by Nathan Gonzalez

Still working on my aerial short.  The cutting is done, just messing with the color, brightness, and contrast now.  I got a hold of Adobe After Effects and feels like I'm back to square one.  I think I found a cool effect going through the clouds to use with the short and I've added title and end effects.

In the meantime I had some hands on with some music videos.  The Rocket Brothers.  It was about 10 songs ranging between 45 sec - 2 min.  That gave me some work.  I found voice syncing is detailed work.  I kept falling half a sec to soon or too late.  I also found out I need to cut faster clips.  In the end it was some good experiance.  Being on set was fun though.  I get to see how everything was shot before it ends up on my computer.  

Currently I'm working on an Industrial piece.  It is for a local business to Texas, Buccee's to sell a new ice machine component.  It's a change of pace having a shot list, script, and general direction of where the video is going.  My Mentor Christine from Moth To Flame gave me good direction on how to edit this piece.  More importantly kept me on deadline.  It came out nice.

On a sidenote, I did, or rather doing my 12 movies to watch.  All my movies have a theme, disability.  I relate to all of them and I just have to pick the parts I like to borrow for my script.  One advantage to watching all these films is that I can see the stuff I don't want to repeat and it helps me see what hasn't been said on the subject.  

Heres my watchlist:

  • Coming home
  • My Left Foot
  • Rust & Bone
  • The Best Years of Our Lives
  • The Sessions
  • The Sea Inside
  • Waterdance
  • Born on the 4th of July
  • Guzaarish
  • Men
  • Forrest Gump
  • The Intouchables*
  • An Affair to Remember- for the heck of it



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