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Chapters 8-12 ~ My Experience On Set Posted on 2018-11-20 by Nicole Poulain

It has been a crazy last few weeks. My studio peeps and I participated in the Four Points Film Project--did a short called Double Bind. Can't wait to see the whole thing--we're viewing on the 4th. Since we had a crewmember drop off, I got promoted to camerawoman. Honestly I was so freaking excited. I wanted to do a really good job, and had a couple hiccups on understanding exactly what my boss Ryan wanted me to do (my perspective of what I was seeing was a bit different I think...perhaps I'm a bit too logical when it comes to trajectory. Regardless we worked through it). Overall my bosses seemed very happy with my work, and it was a heck of a fun day. Did some very dramatic shoot-em-up scenes that were so freaking fun. I about laughed my butt off when one of the actors moved so fast I couldn't even catch him with the camera. That dude can move! Neither of the cameras were able to catch him. 

  It was a great experience in that I was able to apply a lot of what I've been learning through the course. Line producing--helped with that, since our chef couldn't make it due to family troubles. So my boss Caroline and I went shopping for food, and did a lot of prep for that. I helped with feeding people, and clean-up, etc. I had to opportunity to see casting calls, see plans fall through--see what was done to keep the project going. Our studio space was lost TWICE. And still the job was done. I'm lucky to have such stubborn mentors. The film will get made if they have to sit on the sidewalk and edit on a laptop! Thankfully that wasn't necessary. However, since they didn't have a second editor, Caroline and Ryan stayed up for 40 HOURS to edit the short in time for the contest deadline. That's dedication. I really pray that we win. I want to go to Cannes Festival--see other artists. See France, where my great-great-granddaddy came from. Although there's is a 98% chance my job won't let me go in the middle of Spring Season. So there's that obstacle. Maybe I can get a work-related injury and get on leave--then I'll go to France anyway! Seriously, I'm just praying that God provides a way. It'd be seriously disappointing if my first project won and I wasn't there for the parade. That's life though. 

  I've been getting really good feedback from Paul, my screenwriting coach. I've been doing research on demonology, getting ideas to play with to make the story more compelling. There's a lot of logical kinks in what I have at the moment. Stories are there to suspend belief, sure, but not so much that the audience can't believe your narrative is possible. I want them to be feel like every moment is so tangible and real, so believable, that they leave afraid to go to sleep. I'm mean, I know. But it's fun tormenting people! And they'll come back hungry for more...bwahaha! 

  Haven't done much since the weekend--took some time off to mourn losses in the family. Since then I've been taking it a bit easier, but am getting back into the swing of studying and brainstorming. Can't stay away anyway--it's what I love to do.

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