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Chap 3 ~ Storyboarding, and Other Exciting News Posted on 2018-12-03 by Nicole Poulain

Being still in my outline phase with my screenwriting mentor, I'm not yet prepared to write my first storyboard. Still to many story elements to work out before actually beginning the actual writing, or storyboarding. 

  However, I am using a trick of some writers--I got a few wall dry-erase decals, and have been writing timelines for different elements of the story, The city history, the history of the major characters, and the timeline of the main character. It has helped me realize how important these little details are, the little moments in history that set up the whole backdrop for what happens later. Why the main character's parents are the way they are...and their neighbors. I still have other elements to draw out, and then I'll begin on my complete story outline section. Once that's finalized, I can finally start writing the beginning, and storyboarding. Hopefully there will be a way to share that--I'm using Celtx so perhaps I'll find a way to link it. 

I got an offer to be featured in the Film Connection newsletter, so I'm pretty stoked about that. Next I'm also working on a Horror feature with my local mentors, Caroline and Ryan, and collaborating on the script. So excited to see what we do with it!! Especially after the fun we had with our last short. 

  Also, got a soft offer to collaborate with another Film Connection student looking for co-writers for his mini-sereis. It sounds like a Apocolyptic-Horror, so it may be right up my alley...depends on his particular strain I guess. We'll see! Will be sending a few pages in soon to see if he likes it, and I'll get more info from there. 

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