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I was born in Porto, Portugal to a single mother in 1996. we would live with her mother and then by our lonesomes. In the year 2000 I moved to California and lived in 3 diffrent cities and sevrial diffrent homes, in the 7 years i was there. I was far too young to really be able to understand the significance of all the moving. with all the moving i learned how to make friends easier and learn vast amounts of culture and positive attitudes. Around 2008 my family and I moved to Fortworth Texas where i would only stay for a single year. while in Texas my mother joined the US Army and moved to Deague, South Korea. i followed shortly after. Being in Korea really changed the way i saw many things, including the educational and personal mentality of the Korean people. Once our time in korea was done the army sent us to Bamberg Germany where i would spend my first three years of highschool in. The city and sournding landscape was beautiful yet the weather never was. in Germany is where i really started to begin my love for film.

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Long OverduePosted by John Bechinina on 2016-10-15

The past few weeks have been full of brain storming and creating the best characters i can for my story. i have not had a chance to meet my mentor in person but i know she is very busy and when we do meet she is super helpful... Read More >>