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About Me Posted on 2018-04-17 by Riley Day

Hello,  I'm Riley Day. I've been doing filmmaking for about 3 years now; nothing too intense but it did get my foot in the door for filmmaking.  With cameras I've just always used my Sony Point-in-Shoot, it's the only thing I have at the time, as well as my phone. But with editing systems, I've used a good handful. The main ones I've used would be Adobe Premiere, iMovie, and Youtube's Editing System. But I've played around with quite a few. I've, sadly,  not meet any filmmakers, other than my fellow classmates and my mentor. 

The genres I'm in to are Action, Horror, and Romance. Some of my favorite films would be, Le Miserables (2012), Cinderella Man (2005), Baby Driver (2017), Quiet Place (2018), and A Walk to Remember (2002). 

A little bit about me, that's not about films; is that I'm a photographer as much as a filmmaker. One of my hobbles is cosplaying and reading. I'm also into anime, Japanese animation. In my free time, I always writing something done on anything I can find. 

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