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Ch 6 blog post Posted on 2018-11-07 by Riley Day

More transcribing for the project I’m apart of. It's a lot of work but with it split between everyone helps a lot. It also allows everyone to get to know some more facts about the story we want to put together.

I have noticed that my speed has increased on the transcribing. I used to be really bad and only able to get 2 pages an hour cause I couldn’t read the cursive that well. But then I got to about 4 to 5 each hour, and would get to 20 pages in a day's work.

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Riley Day

Ch 8 Blog postPosted by Riley Day on 2018-11-07

I finished off the transcribing for one of my coworkers journals, that he was working on. And now we have three Journals done for the project and starting on the forth one now... Read More >>