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My name is Rasheed Johnson I've been editing films for about 5 to 6 years now, and while I still might just be an amateur, I feel comfortable enough to finally be able to expand my horizons and finally help out with something I would see on tv or in a movie or even get my own work out there. The spark in my head for that actually started out towards the end of last year as I was helping to create a short, silent film for a group of my close friends. It wasn't even supposed to be that big of a deal, but after I uploaded every clip  I knew it could actually come out to be something really great and before I knew it, it was literally morning and I was outside of their house asleep on their patio with my computer on their table. The project was a huge success around here where I live and actually landed me back in my high school to help other students in the same film department I learned in. While I feel as though I’m not quite yet on the full-sprint to fulfilling my dream, I feel as though I am well on the course for it and all the projects I’ve done have put me on an even broader course of action for that dream.    

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Genre Mashing PreacherPosted by Rasheed Johnson on 2016-08-16

I haven’t blogged on here in sometime but i just completed assignment 7 and feel as though I’ve never put out over 600 words onto a page faster in my life as I explained how the silent hill series (VIDEO GAMES, NOT THE MOVIES) do such a great job of mixing horror, psychological thriller, and mystery aspects so well together you just think of it as what i call a psychological horror mystery... Read More >>