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Major: Film Director

Directing has been my ideal career since i was 9 years old, I've always idolized Tim Burton and in my eyes he is an amazing Director, Along with Christopher Nolan. I've helped on a movie set once before, along with making a few short films in my broadcasting class (which i took for 4 years in high school) and I also made small video outside of school as well with friends. 
I'm highly interesting in supernatural, Action/Adventure, and sci-fy.

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Katrina Phillips

April 14, 2014Posted by Katrina Phillips on 2014-04-14

Currently my mentor, Deb & I have simply been going through the lessons. I like to  do the quizzes ahead of time so i suppose it's safe to say we are on lesson 4 however, i am still on the second assignment... Read More >>