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Film has been such a big part of my 21 years of life. Ever since the day I was born  were there cameras surrounding me. My humble family, living in Mexico, owned a camera and made horror movies with everyone in the small village of Huitzila. I watched as it brought everyone together, and then grew a love for storytelling in me. Movies were a way to bring joy to the family, and what more happiness can one get then to be surrounded by joy? 

I grew a love for the camera and storytelling, that was inseperable and almost annoying. Maybe it was because it brought all that determination and confidence of success in me, or maybe it was the way it skewed me from reality, or even the way it gave me a voice in a world no one could hear. 

I understand how much the film industry is a money making business, but I\'m one of those weirdos that draws energy from the joy of other people. I was born to entertain, in a way quietly behind the scenes.  

I\'m truly a terrible writer, and not the best executer of video. That is why I accept the fact that I must learn, and become even more diverse than the usual. 

So here I am. Hope you will be glad to meet the quiet, introverted, over confident, naive, determined, hard working Mexican who hates spicy food. I want to create, and help create, fantastical works of horror art. I want to bring families and friends together, the way it did for me.

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