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Even if you’re career doesn’t involve writing, please keep doing it Posted on 2016-09-15 by Jocelyne Berumen


Sixth phoner with Tom McCurrie

6:05pm to 7:40pm


This phone call was one of the longest calls we have had so far. Tom had three episodes to converse and help me with. I was so surprised because most of what Tom had to say was praise to my writing. As I write this series, story information is kept  from Tom as well. Every time he reads a new episode, he has no clue what is going to happen next. I have fun with it, but there are also troubles with it. Tom shows his excitement for my writing because he wants to know what is happening next, but as he edits, he is not sure where I am going with some things, because I haven’t revealed the complete story. Therefore, he points out some story issues that don’t make much sense yet. This is extremely helpful, because Tom is just like a viewer. The opinions and critics he gives me help me dive deeper into solving the mystery of what real viewers will be thinking.


Tom revealed that what I had most trouble with was grammar and writing style but, “If the biggest problems you have is with your writing and not the story, you are on the right path.” he says. That right there tells me that I have been making so much progress. In the beginning of this program, I didn’t know a lick of storytelling & scriptwriting. It wasn’t in my biggest interests, so I didn’t pay attention to it at all. This course not only started by challenging me, it has begun to transform me. Tom believes that I have a natural talent for writing, but I feel that I have learned these qualities. He always seems to spark a light in my head, and it pushes me to continue writing, and to improve.


Tom really liked my third episode, “It was the one that caused the most fear.” he explains. In a series about a zombie apocalypse, if an episode without a single one on screen can cause fear, you have succeeded. I finally feel that knowledge and power of storytelling sinking into my head.


One of the bigger issues with my scripts so far is that, although some character fairy tales are easy to recognize, some of them aren’t.  As Tom was speaking, I quickly thought of a way to make it more apparent that people are living fairy tale fates. Hopefully this one smaller change can fix most of the story issues that he pointed out.


I am very excited to finish up the series and show it to Tom. I can’t wait to see how he reacts, how he makes it better, and how my story will one day come to life. After this script series, I know I will be writing a lot more!


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