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Establishing Conflict Must Be a Natural Talent Posted on 2017-01-01 by Jocelyne Berumen





Two months. Thats how long it takes me to finish the LAST two episodes of my first series screenplay. Tom had a lot to talk about again for episodes four and five, that he inspired me to not make the silly small mistakes for the last two episodes. Before I start writing about my wonderful time writing them, I want to mention what I learned with Tom in October.

Working with Tom is getting easier and very pleasant because he highlights my strengths and weaknesses so well. He reminds me that I must have a talent for writing conflict and keeping the story going, but he also gives me advise and constructive critisism on holes and writing errors.  A big part of our conversation had to do with how I introduce the characters. In my episode with Eileen, I introduce her with the line, "...who constantly lets down her mother..." but I do not show that. Her mother is not even in that scene. The reason I wrote that in, was because in my previous study on scripts I saw a character introduction that was very similar. It described the character as something that was not shown, and wasnot even in the room to be shown. The script was alo a bery successful one. So I ask Tom, "When can I break that rule of writing?" Tom gave the answer that I should have already seen coming,"A writer can break any rule he wants when they are seasoned, popular, and are doing on purpose for their benefit." A-ha! Stick to the rules Jocelyne.... Until you know what your doing and what. In my story with EIleen, I have a lot of plot holes, and it took him a great deal of time trying to explain to me how somethings just wouldn't work. I have to spend a lot of time thinking through that story so it doesn't become a cliche that everyone gets annoyed at. Tom advised me to just continue writing. When all the episodes are finsihed he will take a look at all of them with me.

After the call with Tom, I sat for hours looking at my keyboard-- It's almost the end. It was being a whole year trying to finish something that I know I struggle with. The freaking ending. I decided to do jus type away. So much is happening to these kids, and now I have to end the series. I grabbed a few more books on dialouge, screenplay rules, and so on. If I couldn't write I would read. Thus, two months passed. I have 50 pages worth of an ending-- That's definetily not a goo thing! I kept rewriting, and trying my best to make sure this was the right way I wanted to end my story. After finally finishing my FIRST series screenplay, I got an urge of energy to go through my other episodes and fix all those writing mistakes(I know you didnt want me to Tom, but I really felt that energy). I'm going to send these last two episodes to Tom, and I know he will have a lot of great advise on finshing my series. I'm both nervous and excited! 

Ironically, its the new years day today. I look back at all I have done in the past year, and then I look at my script.  When people say that it takes them YEARS to finish a screenplay, I now completely understand! My series was written as an attempt to learn the craft of writing, and if I wanted to continue writing stories like this one, I will definetly take longer than a year to write it. Writing takes days of studying, learning, and creative flow. The biggests reasons I was able to finish writing, were all the books that I read, and Tom. I'm extremely thankful and motivated to keep on writing. From being the person who loaths words and sentences, to the person who crafts them with detail and attention. This really marks a great point in my life. 


To the finishing of a great series!!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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