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Almost To the Finish Line Posted on 2017-01-29 by Jocelyne Berumen

8th call with Tom McCurrie

Jan. 11th. 2017

From 12PM to 1:30PM

I have finished my first FULL draft, and I am so overjoyed. I never thought a girl like me, who never reads books and has terrible writing skills, actually finished writting over 100 pages of script! With the help of Tom today, I know I'll be able to polish this so much more. Even though he continuosly tells me about the past tense verbs, and my mispelling of peek, I make those same mistakes over and over again. I look over my script and those minor details are always there! SHEESH.

Despite those erros, Tom had a lot to say about how I decided to wrap up my story. He praised the last episode because it was full of conflict, which serves as a perfect climax for the series.  He also pointed out some weird and unnecessary things I wrote that really didn't need to be in the story. As we talked he sparked new ideas,(as always), to get me writing. My story ideas can get too complex and it's much better to explain these things rather than to have the audience guess everything. I remember him telling me before that the audience doesn't like to know how the story will end too soon, but they also need you to walk them through it or they'll get lost. At first, I was completely confused by that. When do I tell the audience information, and when do I keep it? Tom has helped me figure that out throughout these tutoring sessions. I want my audience to figure out what characters follow which fairy tale, and then how that affects their future, but after a certain point I tell the audience. At this point, if the audience didn't know it, now they do and don't have to guess anymore. Those who already guessed a while ago will be satisfied that they were right. 


Wrapping up the entire series is a very satisfying feeling as it is difficult. I am ready to see what Tom thinks of the entire thing, and crossingmy fingers that it all fits in nicely! 

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