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Meeting with Mentor Jimmy DeGroot Posted on 2017-02-20 by Jocelyne Berumen


From 12PM to 1PM


When I walked into the office of Creative Edge Production, it was silent. I felt like a stranger walking into a new building, even though everything is virtually the same. As I take my next couple of shy steps, a couple of roaring,"HI JOCELYNE"s scare me.  The three busy men sat inside the editing room. Their conversation seemed important and heated, I felt like an intruder. Jimmy stands up next to me when he realizes this and tries to look  me in the eye and smile. Tony tries to explain to me why they were arguing, and it made sense: Difference in what they think their client wants. As I listened to them I noticed two different aproaches. One, the client told me they wanted it this way so were going to do it exactly that way to avoid problems. Two, I know this  other way that will give better results, and will possibly profit the client more, but it's not what they want.  Watching them "argue" was really refreshing because they were really trying to avoid getting each other upset. As always, C.E.P knows how to do business as a team exceedingly well. 


After the two of them came to an agreement, I sat down with Jimmy to talk about the chapters I finished. Jimmy is a director, but for commercial things. I was reading him my quizzes about filmmaking, a field he is not well invested in. He told me learned a lot too while reading my quizzes. He gave me tips for things I missed, and  showed a lot of interest. I showed Jimmy my binder. The binder had the script to Episode one, the storyboard, the Tear pages, shot lists, and line producer pages. Jimmy laughed at one of my responses to a question were I say that I am a very awkward person. He always asks me where I want to go in this field, and I always respond that I don't know. When I told him that I am horrible in front of cameras, and that I am really quiet, he suggested I be an editor instead. I felt crushed at that response for some reason. My personality really is a barrier towards what I want to do: entertain people through video. I know I tell people that I do not know what I want to do, but  that is not the case. I will one day be a director/producer, and I am not truly afraid of the camera. I just don't feel ready to say it, and I feel confident enough in the future that I can hold quiet for those words. Yes I am quiet and awkward, but little by little I have been doing things to break out of that character. Despite my character, I will become that person I told everyone I would be as a kid. Even if it takes larger leaps, and heavier gulps. I'll continue to tell people that I don't know what I want to do, until one day I surprise them. I think that is my ultimate goal. After reading through all me chapters, Jimmy offered if I wanted to help on a low budget commercial the next day, in which I agreed. 


That went from 8AM to 4PM. I was joined by another intern. We both did all the grip work and it was a lot of fun! We got to sit down with Jimmy and Tony for lunch, and were able to ask them questions. Both of us were very thankful to be able to be given that opportunity. Something C.E.P has is the love for sharing knowledge. They never hesitate to answer questions or give advice. I asked them questions about budgetting for projects right away. Although I have a hard time choosing what path to take, I always gear towards the  business side of things. Maybe it's telling me something...


Either way, I really enjoyed this quick simple shoot.

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