Marisa MerklWisconsin Film Connection

Major: Director, Producer, Screenwriter

I\'ve spent most of my adult life motivated to follow a creative workflow of ideas. I attended The Cleveland Institute of Art where I graduated from in 2000 with a BFA in Communication Arts, and have worked as a professional graphic deginer, art director and videographer fro the past 16 years. Working in advertising and as a wedding videographer has been fullfilling in its own right, as well as educational. Despite those knowledge bases there has always been an extremely strong need for me to persue being a part of the film industry, which is how I landed in RRF\'s director, producer and screenwriter program. I\'m interesed in developing passions in all three and look forward to discovering brand new talents.

I\'m passionate about veganism and animal welfare, discovering the world through film and travel, and midwest culture. I was born, raised and live in Milwaukee, WI.

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