Into the Wild. Transformers. Insomnia. 50 First Dates. The Thing. What do all these noteworthy films share in common? They have all done location filming in the great state of Alaska.

While Alaska might seem a bit rural of a place to have a film scene, the fact is that the state's rugged natural beauty, combined with some of the most generous tax incentives for filmmakers offered by any state in the union, have made Alaska a prime location for local, regional and major film and television productions. Besides the films mentioned above (along with many others), Alaska has also provided a backdrop for such popular television shows as Ice Road Truckers, The Amazing Race and Mountain Men, among others.

This page features a number of highly skilled filmmakers and film professionals who have demonstrated a high commitment to excellence as students of the Film Connection in Alaska. Trained in real film production houses and on-the-set by some of the film industry's finest, each of these talented individuals is well-qualified to handle your professional film needs. Please visit their individual web sites to learn more about the services they offer, as well as to learn more about the benefits of attending the Film Connection Film Institute. For more information about on-the-job apprenticeships with the Film Connection, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Alaska Film Connection Students

Zahkia Morgan

Learning by Faliure Posted by Zahkia Morgan on 2017-10-14

1-5pm Friday 10/13/17 Today was reallly productive, and very interesting. My mentor taught me so much and it was fun because it was on things not to do based on what someone already did! We edited a video that another person shot and tried to edit for a commercial for another company... Read More >>