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Jonathan Schulz

March 5th Video Shoot Set UpPosted by Jonathan Schulz on 2014-03-19

Hello, this a blog post for a video shoot set-up that I participated in on March 5th. I was not able to do any actual filming because that was going to be done over the following few days (and they were 10 hour days, which conflicted with my work schedule), but I was able to assist in setting up for the shoot... Read More >>

Jonathan Schulz

Lesson 17 & UpdatePosted by Jonathan Schulz on 2014-03-05

Hello, this is my blog post for Lesson 17, which was turned in to my mentor by e-mail on March 4th, 2014.  As far as an update on myself, I am happy to report that I have officially gotten a job as the videographer for my church, Community Covenant Church in Eagle River Alaska... Read More >>

Jonathan Schulz

Lesson 16 UpdatePosted by Jonathan Schulz on 2014-02-17

I apologize for the amount of time it has taken me to make a blog post. I am in a period of transition in my life right now as I am getting ready to move to a new apartment, and I am having conversations with my local work that I am a janitor for about becoming the church's videographer... Read More >>