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Learning by Faliure Posted on 2017-10-14 by Zahkia Morgan

1-5pm Friday 10/13/17

Today was reallly productive, and very interesting. My mentor taught me so much and it was fun because it was on things not to do based on what someone already did! We edited a video that another person shot and tried to edit for a commercial for another company. Well it gave my mentor an opportunity to show me what to do and not what to when shooting a wide shot angle and a close angle. I learned the difference in booms, and how they should be positioned when filing someone. I also got to learn about the way sounds pick up in an audio when filing. So if there are people talking in the next room, that will most likely get picked up and in essence ruin your footage. Also we worked on lighting and setting up for a shot next week. Today was a lot of information! 



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