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Major: Screenwriting

Brandon Kyley Renfro RULES! He is, without a doubt, the coolest person to have ever lived. Women want him and men ALSO want him. If he were a day of the week he'd be Monday, because only one as cool as he could make Mondays bad ass. He is the only known person to receive a free Tootsie Pop upon finding a wrapper with that Native American kid shooting an arrow at that star. He has a secret handshake with Steven Hawking. He donates his sperm every Tuesday, and reads romance novels to widowed residents of his local nursing home on Wednesday. His internet history alone would keep him from ever running for office. His shadow is held sacred in remote locations across the globe. He is having a very hard time keeping this clean as instructed. He is justifiably highly opinionated about himself and is running out of crap to make up. In short, Brandon Kyley Renfro is unquestionably Gods perfect creation.

As stated above my name is Brandon Kyley Renfro, I'm 29 years old and I live in Arkansas. I'm not really big on bio's so I'll keep it very short and simple. I have had a passion for film my entire life. I love to watch movies and have grown to enjoy reading screenplays as well. I have wanted to make movies for as long as I can remember. I made a lot of movies when I was a kid, but now I would like do the real thing. I look forward to learning all that i can from my mentor Paul Guay, and putting the knowledge I gain to the test.

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