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Chapter 1 Into Genre Posted on 2017-02-02 by Anton Savenko

So, i read my first chapter of text book. It was about The Auteur Theory, which was invented by French director, writer and producer Francois Truffaut and it was about the role director in film. So the director basically respond for almost eberythimg starting from writing script, looking investnents, for actors, location, decorations. And if film dont succes the fault is on mainly lies on diretor. I dont fully agree with him because there are a lot of other factors which have influence on movie succes but mostly all of them are depend on director choice.

Also i read a lot of succes stories about famost actors and director about their first steps. Sylvester Stallone was homeless and had to act in porn movie before he wrote Rocky, Robert Rodrigues who worked for a year to teach himself everything he knows and ect.

Also i read about a lot of films which will be good to me to watch like Gone with the Wind, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas ect.

Im very exited about all my new program and looking forward to go on my next steps.

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