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William Stradley

Directorial DebutPosted by William Stradley on 2014-09-04

I recently made my directorial debut. It's nothing fancy just a short 2 minute video on youtube, but hey you've got to start somewhere right? I've directed plenty of things in my head when I'm writing scripts but this is the first time I've actually directed a project... Read More >>

William Stradley

GettysburgPosted by William Stradley on 2014-08-19

In today's entry I'm going to switch gears a little bit. I'm not going to talk about film, instead I'm going to talk about my second passion and favorite hobby the Civil War; specifically Civil War Reenacting... Read More >>

William Stradley

ShortsPosted by William Stradley on 2014-08-18

So here goes number two. As I said in my last post, this one is about films I've written, short films that is. Around the time I started working with after effects, I also started thinking about writing movies instrad of just working on other people's movies... Read More >>