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Major: Screenwriting

Hello! welcome to my page! My name is Brittany, and i want to become a screen writer! A little about me? hmm, well I am originally from a tiny town called Goshen, OH. Currently i live here in Biloxi, MS. I live right by the beach which offers great beauty and inspires me to write. The birds, palm trees and the busy tourists visiting the casinos, makes this city relaxing, and never boring. Although we have to worry about hurricanes, i think it is totally worth it.

After high school, i studied Interior Designe at the Art Institue of Ohio-Cincinnati. I met film students, graphic designers, fashion students, and obviously other Interior Designers. After being a part of a few student films through some of my film major peers, i was asked to be an actress. I absolutely loved it! The horribly written scripts, and beginner producers, etc, made me think "wow, i can write better than this."  So now i am here, taking courses on how to become a screenwriter! I guess Interior Design was never really in my career path.

A lot of people tell me i am a horrible writer, but i have amazing ideas. Some say, it doesn't matter if you're not an incredible writer, as long as you show how hard you work, someone will take notice. That's why i am here, to learn, and become the best that i can be. To reach my highest potential! I am set up and ready to go. I have a great mentor, and already have learned a lot! Hopefully this time next year, i will have a publishable screenplay! Wish me luck.

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