Abdallah Mohsen MohamedCalifornia Film Connection

Major: Writing and Directing

I am an ex Banker who decided to drop the banking career to shift and start a new career in the movies industry.

I am from Egypt, i am very passionate about the movies industry (and tv shows) 

My main interests are writting, directing and photography

I have a decent exposure to US, UK, Arabic and turkish movies and tv shows



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Abdallah Mohsen Mohamed

Studio visit, December 4th - Mentor retirement Posted by Abdallah Mohsen Mohamed on 2018-12-06

I went to the studio as per my menor's advise we went through chapter 15 quiz which i will mentioned on a later stage but the most important thing is that i have learned from my mentor that he is selling his studio and getting out of business before the begening of January,i have couple of questions here: How come i never heard that from my advisor in Film Connection? how am i suppose to stay intouch with the i dustry if my mentor is selling his studio?! Again i was promised before i signed in to this school (by Dennis and Joel who both unfortunately unavailable) but anyway i was promised in the industry experience attending movies and tv shoots which never happened till today and i am left with 5 months in the course, i never established any connections in the field till now! I will speak to my advisor Elliot about the above but i though i should put this in my blog as well, Read More >>

Abdallah Mohsen Mohamed

Studio visit, November 20thPosted by Abdallah Mohsen Mohamed on 2018-11-21

My mentor asked me to go to his studio for a music shoot that will take place at 10:00 AM i went earlier and watched the crew setting the studio for a Japanese music video for a Japanese band (as per my mentor's advise) anyway, it was interesting to see the tools that i've studied (example lights worked with KENO and HMIs and couple of bounces to bounce the light of the original source) It was interesting to see director in action while they were shooting, I've asked my mentor about couple of things on sets as usual he was helpful, we went through chapter 14 quiz answers Ive also visited a place called “Blue Tape” for renting props (as per my mentor's advise) which was an interesting experience as well,   I can say it was a good productive day, I'm happy with the day as i've learned alot   Read More >>