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I was born in Palermo (Italy) in 1989. The first input I received as a writer comes from an Italian songwriter: DIMARTINO. His friendship and his work influenced me in the most powerful way. I decided then that writing was a great way to craft my reality, my fantasy. Quickly I developed a great passion for any type of writing, from music lyrics to comic books and all in between. During my academic life I had many interesting encounters, mostly movie-related, and I started experimenting filming, writing and editing. That was a great revelation in my life. I had always liked movies and the idea to be a creative part of them, but now I devour any kind of movie, any TV show, and I focused on screenwriting. Even if I have a very strong European background and even a stronger regional one, I moved to USA to deepen my studies and try to build a future as a screenwriter here because I am very fond of American Cinema in many ways. I always believed that my background and my taste would make me feel richer and people would notice this double identity and, hopefully, like it. 


Education: I graduated in DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies) at the University of Bologna in March 2012 with a final dissertation on the acclaimed Italian TV show “Boris”.  This dissertation analyzes the characteristics of the writing from different points of view and it has the support of a long interview with one of the three screenwriters and directors.  My  studies include Film Studies (Analysis and Critique, Editing, Writing for Cinema and Television, History of Cinema, History of North-American Cinema, History of Cinema Theories, Filmology ), Music Studies (History of Music, Musical Dramaturgy), Art Studies (History of Art, History of Photography), Drama Studies (History of Theatre), Italian Contemporary Literature.

I had a writing laboratory with screenwriter, Experimental Cinematography Centregraduate, OZU Film Festival Artistic Director, Enrico Vannucci in 2011.


Works: My filming experience stars with the creation of a recreational web TV. This implied making videos, parodies, acting, writing and editing. I have directed and edited two official video-clips for an Italian band (Radio in Technicolor). Other film works concern the making of improvised musical parodies on street, fake commercials and one comedy short movie.

I am currently developing two feature screenplays, one teleplay and one stageplay.

I wrote several poems and lyrics. Some of them have been published after winning contests or chosen by cultural Italian magazines.




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