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Where do I start? Posted on 2017-01-07 by Hassan Tazi

Well, where do I start?

I always knew I was going to be in the film industry since I was a toddler.

I always knew motion pictures were going to be the medium in which I express myself artistically.

I always knew that the business of video production would be my key to financial independence.

What can I say? I always knew...

Once I graduated high school, I high tailed my way to LMU School of Film and Television. What I DIDN’T know, was how remarkably atrocious the hands-on experience was at Loyola. What I DIDN’T know was most of my “professors” hadn’t made a film in the past 5 years. What I DIDN’T know, was that the industry is ALL about who you know and what applicable experience you bring to the table, not about a film “degree”.

Learning about the Film Connection was a breath of fresh air. Everything I was so against when I was at University, FC addressed it. I did my research and now here we are.

What I want out of the program is to have built a solid and reputable network of industry professionals that I can work and play with.

What I want out of the program is to have an amazing synergy with my Mentor, Aimee, as I can help her, help me, help her, in achieving WIN/WIN scenarios across the board.

And finally, what I want out of the program is to have a fresh, sexy, and stylish portfolio of content displaying my brand.

Of course...none of these things are possible unless I apply myself to the best of my abilities. I’m the metaphorical seed that needs to be watered, given sunshine, fresh air, perfect soil, and along with my personal effort, I know I can bloom to make this world we live in a bit more Awesome. 

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