Kacee MillerCalifornia Film Connection

Major: Film/Editing

Kacee Miller was born in Torrance California. When she was 7 years old her family moved to Northern California. Kacee competed as a gymnast for 7 years then coached the girls' competitive team for another 7 years. She also spent many afternoons with her brother making various short videos, mostly for fun. While in high school, Kacee completed a class project focusing on the rigors and rewards for competing on the girls' gymnastics team. The experience made her realize that she really enjoyed the video production and editing process. She expanded her video production activities and began producing videos for the Galaxy Gymnastics Academy website. Kacee has had a lifelong fascination with movies, so she decided to combine her love for editing and love for movies and focus her career in the editing profession by joining Film Connections. Kacee's goal is to perfect her editing skills and learn how to produce effective movie trailers that hook the audience without giving away the storyline.