Timoth Conrad KachumiaCalifornia Film Connection


was born the second child of three in Morogoro, Tanzania in April 18, 1988. 


In 2008 I realized that I loved using computers to create something, so I personally have longed to create something that is visual, informs and educates people. This is why I started to study graphic design. And it is why I am now so fond of graphics, editing and visual effects..  


Everyday I asked my self how can I show my talent to people so I can grow up by doing films, I couldn’t achieve my goals without going out and make something that reflects my interests, taste, and ideas. I also knew that no one will pay me to make something until I have a few things to show that I\'ve directed, Written or edited. I got my start by making films on my own.


To be honest, the very first time I shot a movie I was afraid I couldn\'t do it, because I never went to any film school. I only had my passion and my natural talent to get me started. But every time I hold a camera in my hand I suddenly feel I need to do this. That\'s how I shot my first film in 2008. After that I talked to people that had watched the film and they were surprised and said, “Yes, he can”. One of them was the famous in Tanzania Juma Kilowoko \'Sajuki\'. He called me and told me that he wanted to work with me, so we planned another project. And I got more and more entangled in the film industry in Tanzania.


One vision I have is to show Tanzanian and African films to people all over the world. These are questions I ask myself every single day: How can we get more visible? How can we produce Tanzanian movies on such a high level that people not only in Tanzania, but also in East Africa and all over the world want to watch them? My plan is to be persistent until we reach a global audience.


And I know as a Director, if you know what you want, then its not scary so i believe one day I will reach the global audience and I will be able to show people something unique, and something they want to see, but at the same time make sure that when they watch any movie of mine, they\'ll be surprised by what they eventually get.


Science fiction allows for design and creatures and guns and all the stuff that I like as well. So I think most of the films I make, will be in that category. But I can also see myself making totally horror films. I want to make a film that is commercially successful because that means that the larger cinema-going audience around the world like the movie, which is my goal. That\'s my job, to make films that people respond to.


What I do is spend too much time thinking about new ideas and new styles of making films so that I can do something Unique.