Victoria BeverCalifornia Film Connection

Major: Editing

   My name is Victoria Bever, but everyone calls me Tori.  I was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia, which is where I was first introduced to the magic of editing film.  I learned linear editing in a highschool AP class along with the other aspects of film production.  I remember always rushing through filming and logging the footage so I could get to my favortie part, editing.  

  After highschool, I chose not to pursue a career in film because I was so far away from Hollywood.  I attended several different colleges and tried several different majors, but was never able to find my passion.  I took some time off from school to save money travel to Australia and later to Iceland.

  In 2011, I began experiencing numbness in my feet and then in my legs and eventually in my torso.  I was hospitalized a few different times while doctors tried to figure out what was wrong with me.  They were afraid the numbness would start to affect my organs if it continued to migrate up my body.  I had to quit my job waiting tables since I couldn't walk while my legs were numb and I had been bed ridden for a few months.  During the time I was confined to a bed, I was able to spend most of my day editing old home movies of my family.  After several months, I was finally diagnosed with a rare condition called transverse myelitis.  I was prescribed medication and began to get better fairly rapidly.  

Getting sick turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  I had no job keeping me in Georgia so I decided to travel to California to go to a treatment centrer while I waited to get all the feeling back in my lower body.  I fell in love with the city of Santa Barbara and never took my return flight home to Georgia.  After two years of living in Santa Barbara and getting back to normal life, I found Film Connection while doing an online search for editing programs.  They recomended that I apprentice in Los Angeles instead of Santa Barbara since there will be so much more opportunity for me to make connections in the film industry.  I am excited to take this next step in my life and finally being able to pursue something that I am passionate about.

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