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Experiences with LawtonMiles Studio Posted on 2017-03-06 by Liza Sakowski

Back in December I started an adventure of a hands-on learning experience with a studio in downtown Charleston. Since December I have worked with Adobe Premiere Pro. The first time I met with Adam and Sully they invited me to a shoot. They were filmimg a project for the Charleston Convention Vistors Bureau. Shooting multiple interviews with people on the CVB. That particular day we were shooting Dig South Icons CEO Stanfield Gray. It was a different experience for me, more recently if I'm on set it is because I am background for one of the many shows filmed here in Charleston. It was different seeing how people in the industry set up and break down. The only experience I had with setting up and breaking down is back from high school and some of my own work. Adam and Sully are a small but very powerful team together.

The next couple weeks Adam had asked me to archive old projects and file them onto a google drive document. These weeks were a bit boring, but it showed me how they organize and store their footage. They have all their projects from the past several years kept on hardrives incase they need something from a former project on a current project. Personally I never did that in the past and it resulted most of my project file go missing. 

The following week I was asked to cut an interview he had shot that past weekend. Getting more familiar with Premiere and the tools it has, I cut the questions out and left the answer like he had asked. He had me do something similar for the next week as well with footage from a school interview. The school has thre different locations so I did it for all three. Finally catching on to some of the different keyboard short cuts used with Adobe. 

Sometimes he would have me cut together some B roll for the interviews, listen to the answers and see what would fit best to be playes as they talked. When Adam has doctors appointments or when I had gotten stuck in North Carolina with popped tires he gives me some old projects to mess around with at home so I can improve and not slack around, haha.

I have spent many weeks with LawtonMiles Studio and it is very hard to express how amazing they are as people. 


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