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First blog post Posted on 2016-07-20 by Nate Crockett

I'm almost done with the program and unfortuanately this is my first blog post. I've had an amazing time with this program though. It's hard to think of all the projects I've worked on with my mentors over the past year. We've worked on many commercials and a few short films. They've taught me so much about the industry and they are now starting to pay me for each shoot. Each shoot we've done is bigger than the last. They are also bringing me to New York City in september to film. They're also bringing me to Virginia in December to film a feature. I just finished my screenplay and I will be flying out to L.A soon to pitch it. Everything is pretty surreal right now, it's almost too good to be true. I can't thank the Film Connection enough for having this amazing program. They made my dreams become true and now I'm working in the film industry.

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